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Highlights from 2014

The >play conference was a huge success, bringing together over 400 creative professionals, industry leaders, students, and educators. Check out some of the people who made it such a success:



Shantanu Narayen - President and COO, Adobe Systems

Click here to see Shantanu's address last year.


Cammie Dunaway - Chief Marketing Officer, Yahoo!

Click here to see Cammie's address last year.


Neil Young - Vice President and General Manager, EA Los Angeles, Electronic Arts

Click here to see Neil's address last year.


Last year's panelists spoke on a wide variety of cutting-edge topics in digital media, from mobile entertainment to advertising in the digital home. The following speakers provided their expertise and opinion:

Games, Virtual Worlds, and Digital Economies

A recorded podcast of this panel can be heard here.

Scott Banerjee, Reporter, MarketWatch
Erica Kane, COO, NHN USA
Geoff Graber, General Manager - Games, Yahoo!
    Jeff Lind, Development Director, Electronic Arts
Nancy MacIntyre , Senior Director of Star Wars Galaxies, Lucas Arts
    Philip Rosedale, Founder & CEO, Linden Labs

Life After P2P - The Fight for Music's Digital Future

Eliot Van Buskirk, Senior Editor, CNET and MP3.com
Mike Brown, Principal, Partech International
    Drew Denbo, Director of Business Development, RealNetworks
    Dave Hyman, Founder and CEO, MOG.com
    Tim Mitchell, VP of Business and Product Development, IODA
    Tim Westergren, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, Pandora Media

Mobile Multimedia for the Masses

Matt Maier, Reporter for the weekly Wireless Report, Business 2.0 Magazine
Gert Christen, Director of Preminet Solution, Nokia
    Gary Kovacs, VP Product Management and Marketing for Mobile and Devices, Macromedia
    Dan Mosher, Director of Mobile Content Services, Jamster (VeriSign)
    Paul Scanlan, Co-Founder and COO, Idetic/MobiTV
Sush Vij, Director of Embedded MSN and MSNTV Business Development, Microsoft

Discovering the Long Tail

A recorded podcast of this panel can be heard here.

Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Wired Magazine
Marissa Mayer, Director Consumer Web Products, Google
Jason Calacanis, Founder and CEO, Weblogs, Inc
    Greg Greeley, VP Media Products, Amazon.com
    Bradley Horowitz, Director of Technology Development- Search & Marketplace Group, Yahoo!

Design as a Competitive Advantage

Matthew Cross, Brand Consultant, Interbrand
Lane Becker, Cofounder & Director of Professional Services, Adaptive Path
Peter Skillman, Director of New Product Development, Palm
Hosain Rahman, Founder, Aliph
    Yves Behar, Founder, Fuse Project
    Brett Lovelady, President, Astro Studios

Advertising in the Digital Home

Om Malik, Blogger and Senior Writer, Business 2.0 Magazine
Davina Kent, Director of Advertising & Research Sales, Tivo
Scott Roesch, VP and General Manager, AtomFilms
    Steve Shannon, Founder and EVP Sales and Marketing, Akimbo
    Julie Shumaker, National Director of Sales, Electronic Arts
    Peter Stabler, Director of Media, Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners

Companies in attendance

Of course, industry networking is an important aspect of >play. The following companies are just a sample of those represented last year:

Berkeley Digital Media & Entertainment Club