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Get ready for >play 2017!

Revisit the 2017 action with our >play Live! pages.

>play is a unique annual event that brings together creative professionals, industry leaders, and students to discuss the emergence and implications of the digital lifestyle. Participants are exposed to new ideas and have the opportunity to connect with key thinkers in digital media. Driven by Berkeley's legacy of creativity and its emergence as a center of digital media technology, advantages of database, >play combines creative and consumer viewpoints to spark countless ideas for growth and new product development. CheapEssay - Online Essay Writing Service

>play focuses not only on exploring business models, but also on bringing together members of the creative community and experts on consumer trends. The diverse list of participants will foster an unmatched and inspirational networking experience. Learn more >>

Has not yet begun for the next conference play slot machines For more information, please contact Myah Evers Schwartz and Brendan Reddy at [email protected].

A few of the companies that were represented in 2017:

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Many, many companies...

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